PT. San Central Indah is a company which is produced variety type of decorative paint, is located on Jalan Raya Batujajar km. 3.5 in Bandung ? West Java or exactly about 15 km on the West side of Bandung municipality direct to Jakarta and before Padalarang. At the beginning before became as produced company. We ran the business in material, as the first distributor of decorative paint factory in Indonesia for Bandung and surrounding between the year 1965 until 1983.

Proudly in 1983 we built a new company namely PT San Central Indah , in case we developed to produce decorative paint that we distributed not only to Bnadung city and surrounding again, but to the more larger area that almost involved all of Indonesia. In its development we distribute our products in some big cities as a center of distribution like : Bandung, Semarang, Surabaya, Medan, Palembang, Lampung and Ujung Pandang.

During the Technology Development, in 1002 , San Central Indah was also adapted the technology in decorative paint for industry and Architecture by producing POWDER COATING . Then we make joint venture with the Foreigner Company Dutch ? Boy, Cleveland ? Ohio ? U.S.A who gave license to PT San central Indah to produce Decorative Paint which was used Tinting System to be marketed in Indonesia. Now we have developed that system, and have partnerships with the material trader in variety of places in Indonesia that the total amount in 34 and we continued to develop it.

That is a short description of our company from the beginning until now and may it is useful for someone who want to use our product to carry out the development in this Global Era.

Dutch Boy
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